Previous Question Papers of CBSE Board Class 10 English Download PDF

CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Papers of previous years help the candidates in many ways for the exam preparations. From previous papers of CBSE 10th English, the students can have the idea of how the questions are asked in exam, what pattern is followed up in the exam paper. Knowing the level of exam, it becomes easy to practice the questions accordingly for the exam.

In CBSE 10th English Paper, there are 4 sections which include Reading, Writing, grammar, Literature. The details of each is given below-

Section A- Reading: In this section, a comprehension passage is given. It can be based on some general topic, current affairs topic, scientific topic etc. The questions are asked based on the passage which is given. The questions are of type-

  • Choose appropriate options from given phrases which suit best in meaning
  • Selecting best answer for given statement
  • Completion of phrases
  • Answering the questions from given passage

So, the passage has to be read properly and the questions are to be answered accordingly.

Section B- WRITING: This section includes the topics such as-

  • Bio- Sketch
  • Letter Writing
  • Story Writing
  • Paragraph Writing

Section C- GRAMMAR: In this section of exam, all grammar topics are covered which includes Verbs, Prepositions, Adverbs, rearranging jumbled sentences, correct & incorrect words, nouns, adjectives etc. Practice the questions of the grammar part in the best way because this is the most scoring part of exam.

Section D- Literature: Here, the questions are asked from the main course of English. Read the poems and chapters as are part of syllabus for the exam.

Below are the CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Previous year papers which will help you to improve upon the skills for completing exam on time and with great efficiency. The score can be improved based on the practice for the questions that are asked in exam paper.

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CBSE 10th Class English Previous Papers PDF

CBSE 10th English Sample Papers PDF

Paper 2005 Set1 Paper 2005 Set2 Paper 2005 Set3 Paper 2005 Set4 Paper 2006 Paper 2007 Set1 Paper 2007 Set2
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Paper 2011 Set3 Paper 2012 Set1 Paper 2012 Set2 Paper 2012 Set3 Paper 2013 Paper 2014 Set1 Paper 2014 Set2 Paper 2014 Set3

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