CBSE 10th Previous Years Maths SA1 Question Papers Download PDF

CBSE 10th Mathematics Question Papers are made available for all the students. The Maths subject papers of 10th class will help to prepare at best possible way for the exam. Board papers are the important step in education sector. So, these are to be taken at serious note and for this the CBSE 10th Board previous year question papers Maths are provided here. CBSE Board 10th class mathematics will include the questions from the topics- Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Probability, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Number Systems and all related topics.

Below are the some questions of mathematics which have been the part of the exam already-

Q1: For what value of x, the mean of the given observations 2x โ€“ 5, x + 3, 7 โ€“ x, x + 9 with frequencies 2, 3, 4, 6, 1 respectively is 4?

Q2: Show that the square of any positive integer is of the form 3q or 3q + 1 for some integer q.

Q3: The distribution below gives the weight of 30 students of class. Find median weight of students.

Weight (Kg) 40 -45 45- 50 50- 55 55- 60 60- 65 65- 70 70- 75
No. of students 2 3 8 6 6 3 2

Q4: Prove that if a line is drawn parallel to one side of triangle to intersect the other sides in distinct points, the other two sides are divided in same ratio.

Q5: If sin (A โ€“ B) = 0.5 and cos (A + B) = 0.5, 00 < (A+B) <= 900, A>B. Find A & B

Q6: If 2 scalene triangles are equiangular, prove that the ratio of corresponding sides is same as the ration of corresponding angle bisector segments.

Q7: 4 men and 6 boys can finish a piece of work in 5 days while 3 men and 4 boys can finish it in 7 days. Find time taken by 1 man alone or that by 1 boy alone

The questions are asked from all sections of syllabus as is made for Mathematics by CBSE. Practice more and more questions so as to clear the concepts. CBSE Maths SA1 Previous Papers are provided below using which you can attain more knowledge on the type of exam paper which comes.

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CBSE 10th Maths Last 5 Years Question Papers will help to achieve more practice for the exam. Download the following papers and practice them.

CBSE 10th Maths Sample Papers DOWNLOAD

Paper 2005 Paper 2006 Paper 2007 Set1 Paper 2007 Set2 Paper 2007 Set 3 Paper 2008
Paper 2009 Paper 2010 Paper 2011 Set1 Paper 2011 Set2 Paper 2011 Set3 Paper 2012 Set1
Paper 2012 Set2 Paper 2012 Set3 Paper 2013 Paper 2014 Set1 Paper 2014 Set2 Paper 2014 Set3

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