Questions For Problems on Numbers In Quantitative Aptitude Download

Problems on Numbers This is the aptitude questions and answers section on Problems on Numbers with explanations for various interview, competitive examinations and entrance tests. There are different type of questions asked from numbers which you can practice for your exam. Following is the general detail of numbers which you can use and keep in … Read more

Problem On Ages Questions With Solutions Aptitude Shortcut Tricks PDF

Problems on Ages Questions Problems on Ages are a very popular question in most of the competitive exams. It can come in either reasoning or in Quantitative Aptitude section. Certain tricks and formulas that can be used to solve the questions easily are given below. The candidates should make sure that they practice a lot … Read more

Percentage Aptitude Problem Tricks & Shortcuts For Competitive Exam

Percentage Aptitude Questions Percentage is a term or concept which is used in mathematics.  A percentage is a number or ration which can be express in the form of fraction of 100. Percentage is usually denoted by using the percent sign, %. It can also be expressed by using the abbreviations “.pct” or “pct”. Sometimes … Read more

Surd & Indices Aptitude Questions & Solutions Shortcut Tricks PDF

Surds and Indices Surds – Surds which are square roots. It cannot be simplified into rational numbers. Surds are the form of square root which cannot be reduced. Some can be simplified by using various rules or by rationalising the denominator. A surd is also called as an irrational number which is expressed with the … Read more

How to Solve Volume & Surface Areas Questions Easily- Formulas & Problems

Volume & Surfaces Areas Aptitude Problems The mathematical subject will be one of the subjects which we use to measure anything in our day to day life. Here, many topics are discussed in this subject. Many of the entrance examination are asking the mathematical subjects for aptitude test.  And so we have provided Volume & … Read more

Series Completion Questions With Solutions PDF For Competitive Exams

Series Completion Questions Verbal reasoning is the subject which is attempted by candidates in every competitive exam every year. Verbal reasoning is an understanding and reasoning concepts framed in words. Verbal reasoning tests are often used for the entrance of candidates in various schools universities etc. These are the aptitude tests which includes various parts. … Read more

Questions On Square Roots & Cube Roots Aptitude Test Problems

Square roots & Cube Roots Square roots To find the square root of a given number, we want to find some number that when multiply by itself which gives the original number. Or in other words, to find the square root of 9, we have to find the number that when multiply by itself gives … Read more

Probability Questions With Shortcut Tricks In Hindi Download

Probability Aptitude Questions People go through many entrance examinations in these days. In every examination, they will think to score high marks. In order to score high marks, they should know about the syllabus and the subjects involved in the syllabus. For every examination, they will get the mathematical aptitude tests. Thus the candidate should … Read more

Odd Man Out Series Problems With Solutions Download

Odd Man Out & Series Questions & Answers The aptitude tests are becoming the common examination in all recruitment. In these aptitude tests, people can get many types of questions. Since, there are many kinds of mathematical tests available, we have provided the material for aptitude so that you can prepare well for exam. In … Read more

Reasoning Analogy Questions With Solutions For Practice

Non- verbal reasoning is a very crucial part of competitive exams. Questions from these topics are referred to as diagrammatic or pictorial questions. Non- verbal reasoning involves the ability to understand and analyse the visual information and solve problems using visual reasoning. Non- verbal reasoning as the name suggests does not require any reading these … Read more

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