CBSE X English Literature Previous Year Question Papers Download

CBSE Class 10 English (Language & Literature) exam has 4 sections in which the questions are asked to judge the skills of the candidate. Reading, Writing, Grammar and Literature are the sections and the CBSE 10th English Last 10 year papers will help you to prepare in much better way. CBSE previous Papers English 10th Board Previous Papers PDF is attached along to practice the questions of the exam type. There are various papers being attached below which can be used to prepare for exam in best way possible.

Section A- Reading:

A comprehension passage will be given in the exam and the questions will be asked based on it. It may not be a paragraph necessarily but can also be a poem. The focus is on solving questions based on the given reading material.

Section B- Writing

The questions are asked to check out the creativity of the student.  Report Writing, Article Writing, Letter Writing, Speech Writing etc. are asked in the exam.

Section C- Grammar

This section is for all grammatical portion of English language which includes verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, idioms, phrases, phrasal verbs, synonyms, antonyms, vocabulary etc.

Section D- Literature

The questions are asked from the extracts of the literature course which can be fill in the blanks, questions & answers. The questions which will be asked can be 3- 4 marks in which the candidate has to write at least 50 words. 5 marks questions are asked in the exam which are from the syllabus of English as is designed by CBSE.

Get the papers from the link given below and practice them to achieve good score in the exam paper. CBSE 10th Board English Papers will provide you more knowledge for the exam paper which will be seen. Practice the papers to acheive better scores.

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CBSE 10th English Sample Papers PDF

DOWNLOAD CBSE Class 10 English Literature papers from below links-

Paper 2005 Set1

Paper 2005 Set2 Paper 2005 Set3 Paper 2005 Set4 Paper 2007 Set1 Paper 2007 Set2
Paper 2007 Set3 Paper 2008 Paper 2009 Paper 2010 Paper 2011 Set1                    Paper 2011 Set2
Paper 2011 Set3 Paper 2012 Set1 Paper 2012 Set2 Paper 2012 Set3 Paper 2013 Paper 2014 Set1 Paper 2014 Set2

Paper 2014 Set3

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