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CBSE 10th English Sample Papers contain the questions from almost all the sections of the syllabus as described in curriculum. CBSE Class 10 Model Papers will be very helpful for you to get well prepared for the exam. Some questions from comprehensions are also given for practice so that you have the knowledge and basic idea of solving them. Some questions you can refer from below-

Q1: Rearrange the following words or phrases into meaningful sentences.

  • artisans /displays / artists /Dilli Haat/ and /at one place/of /works

Ans: Dilli Haat displays works of artists and artisans at one place.

  • from all/ Craftsmen/ over India /come to/ at stalls here/ their wares/ sell
  • food court /can try/ different/ food /One/ from/ regions in India/ at the.
  • cultural /there /performances/ are /folk dances /regular/ including

Q2: Complete the following passage choosing the correct options given in brackets-

Indifference a) —- (at, towards, to, with) the choice of books is, of course, a mistake but giving too much importance to it is equally wrong. We can’t lay b) ——– (up, on, along, down) any hard and fast rules about reading, c) ——- (neither, either, never, nor) can always read according to a plan either

Likewise, in English exam the questions are asked from different sections- Reading, Writing, Grammar and Literature. All the candidates must ensure that they practice the questions of all the types. We have given the PDF for all the sections below so that you have the clear idea of solutions of these type of queries. Both communicative English and Elective English questions are asked in the exam.

CBSE Sample Papers for English 10th will surely help you to score much better in the exam because you will have idea to great extent. Practice more and more questions for the exam & surely you will score good marks.

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