List of Himachal Pradesh CM Till Date

List of Chief Ministers of Himachal Pradesh (HP) from 1952 Till Date are listed in table below. Himachal Pradesh CM are being elected by the candidates of state. It is responsibility of Chief Minister of state to handle all the operations of state and have control over the state government. The CM of state can … Read more

List of Sahitya Academy Award Winners For Gujarati Language

Sahitya Academy Award for Gujarati language is being honored by Sahitya Academy- home of literature. This academy gives the award to people who have real contribution to their literature work. The different types of work are being awarded like philosophical, reviews, literary criticism, travelogue, novel, plays etc. Sahitya Academy Award Winner of Gujarati in 1955: … Read more

Sindhi Language- Sahitya Akademi National Award Winners List

Sahitya Akademi Awards for Sindhi Language are given below in a table with the name of writer along withe contribution which has been done. The sahitya academy award is a national award which is given for outstanding literary work. For the various years, this award is being given to different writers which have brought up … Read more

List of Sahitya Akademi Award Winners- Malayalam Language

There are several Malayalam writers which should be awarded for their work. The award is being given to pay the respect to the work of writers, honoring them nationally. Sahitya Akademi Awardees for Malayalam language are given in table below which can be checked and referred for the knowledge. Sahitya Academy honors the writers bringing … Read more

List of Sahitya Akademi Award Winners For All Languages

The Sahitya Academy Award is a national level award which is given in all languages recognized by the academy. The full details of the academy & award are detailed below- Name of Award: Sahitya Akademi Award OR साहित्य अकादमी पुरस्कार Award Purpose: It is given to writers which have performed outstanding work in literature, in … Read more

List of Chief Ministers of Kerala- Thiruvananthapuram Till Date

List of Chief Ministers of Kerala From 1957 Till Date are mentioned below in the table. There have been 11 chief ministers in state till now. The Present Chief Minister of Kerala is Shri Oommen Chandy. The first CM of the state was Shri E. M. S. Namboodiripad from 1957 till 1959. There have been changes in … Read more

List of Major Cities in Gujarat By Area Population PDF

Gujarat- city of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is the renowned city of India. This city is referred as “Jewel of Western India”. The city is located just beneath Rajasthan and just above Maharashtra. The city lies on Kathiawar peninsula and also borders Pakistan’s Sindh district. Along with this, Arabian sea flows on one … Read more

India’s Prime Ministers From 1889 Till 2019 Updated List In Hindi & English

There have been great people who have driven the country with great value and have such a nice hold over country. Here is the list of all those personalities which have fully worked for development of country in their phase of prime minister. PM list of India in English and Hindi is provided below. It … Read more

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