Best Books To Learn SQL Language for Beginners

SQL is known as Structured Query Language which is domain-specific language used in relational database management systems. It has various uses like modification of database, manages data, addition and deletion of rows and many more. It is a standard computer language used for relational database manipulation and database management. It is used for query, inserting, … Read more

Books for GMAT Preparation 2019 Study Material

GMAT commonly known as Graduate management Admission test in not a computer based but a computer adaptive test which is conducted to assess the candidate’s writing, analytical, verbal, quantitative or reading skills in the written English. This test is taken to give admission in various courses like MBA or masters in finance. As Graduate management … Read more

Vb.Net Books By Indian Authors Top List to Learn Visual Basic

VB.Net Best Books Free

Best Books for VB.NET Visual Basic (VB) is a third generation object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft in which a programmer uses a graphical user interface. It has a simple format and very easy to understand. Visual Basic is the starting point in software development. In the graphical programming environment, Visual Basic was the first … Read more

Best Books for SBI PO Exam 2019 In Hindi Preparation Material Download

SBI Probationary Officer exam is the competitive bank exam for which there are several applicants every year and the candidates need to stay focused for this paper always. SBI PO Books for each section are given below which you can refer for your exam preparations. There are several question papers given in these papers so … Read more

Best Books To Learn German For All Levels of All Time

There are many languages that people across the world are learning. So, one should not forget learning German as well. It is soon gaining popularity and people have started to learn it with great interest. There are different ways to learn it and thus it is better that you adopt the proper way to learn … Read more

Jammu Kashmir Police Sub Inspector Books 2019 Written Exam Preparation

Jammu & Kashmir Police Sub Inspector Exam books which will be helpful for exam preparation are listed below. These books will help you to prepare and practice both for the exam. The candidates apply for the exam on the official website of J&K Police. There is a defined procedure by which applicants need to get … Read more

Top Hindi Books of All Time Online Library Must Read

These days there are many websites that are selling numerous books especially if you are interested to learn any language. You can place order for the same and start on your own. If you are sincere enough you will be able to learn it within few days only. It all depends on the person who … Read more

How To Prepare For Olympiads Exams Best Preparation Books For All Classes

Olympiads examinations at school level are competitive examinations to all the aspirants who want to shine their competitive exam in future. Olympiads examination will be conducted based on exam school syllabus via various independent organizations. Many book for Olympiads books will be very useful to the students for Olympiad exam preparation. The aspirants need to … Read more

How to Prepare For Angular JS Best List of Books

Angular Java Script is the Java script frame work which is used for creating web applications. Angular JS was designed by Google. It can be used to an HTML page as template language to extend HTML syntax. Angular JS is designed for structure frame work in dynamic web applications Using Java Script in your applications … Read more

Reference Books For HTML & CSS With Authors List

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language is used to create web pages and web applications. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is the language used to describe the look and style of the HTML document. Cascading style sheet portrays how HTML elements should put on view by importing tags. If you need to learn how to … Read more

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