Best Books To Learn SQL Language for Beginners

SQL is known as Structured Query Language which is domain-specific language used in relational database management systems. It has various uses like modification of database, manages data, addition and deletion of rows and many more. It is a standard computer language used for relational database manipulation and database management. It is used for query, inserting, updating and modifying data. This language is a commercial database system and available in different versions. It helps to work with database and stored data in it is dynamic which can be modified.

This language was developed in 1970, which is most popular language used to communicate with different relational database management like Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Informix etc. To get expertise in this language, it is very crucial to go through best selection of books for learning and getting perfect up to date knowledge.

SQL Books For Beginners

  • Sams Teach Yourself SQL by Ben Forta
  • SQL: Quick Start Guide – The Simplified Beginners Guide by Clyde Bank Technology
  • Head First SQL by Lynn Beighley
  • Learning SQL by Alan Beaulieu
  • SQL Queries for Mere Mortals: It covers detailed lessons, theoretical discussions and lots of exercises for practice session and enriching the knowledge to great extent. It helps how to operate SQL queries, how can be they optimized and how to pick right statements for the task. Each and every lessons covers new techniques.
  • SQL: The Ultimate Beginners Guide by Steve Tale
  • The Ultimate Guide From Beginner to Expert by Peter Adams: it is very useful in learning and having mastery in SQL within no time. In this author explains best practices for the creation of database and different techniques for optimization of SQL queries.
  • SQL in 10 minutes by Ben Forta: The writing skill of Ben is very easy and simple and his writing style is very clear, easy to follow therefore it’s excellent choice for the beginners.
  • SQL for Beginners: This book is a complete guide for the beginners to learn SQL programming very fast. It is very short book comprising of only 88 pages but best part of it is that it covers maximum detail of SQL. It is an excellent guide for the newcomers who have no experience of SQL.
  • SQL Practice Problems: This book is based on Learning by doing approach.
  • The Art of SQL : This book is most suited for intermediate to advance users who knows basics and want to improve their workflow.
  • Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel
  • SQL: The Complete Reference: This is the best book for the learners is really a code cookbook.
  • SQL Pocket Guide: It is a reference book and every example in this book is based on real database table.

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