Best Books for CLAT Preparation 2019 Online

There are many exams that students appear for and if someone is really interested in Law then it is a must to clear entrance exam for law. One should start doing the preparation early so that there is no hard work to be done at the last moment.

For this you can search for the best books that will help you to do preparation in an organised manner. There is nothing to bother as you will get all the required books online. If in case you are not able to find the book that you are looking for you can also look for the same in the market. If the right book is purchased it is surely going to help you in the best way. You can also read various newspapers as well as magazines so that you update yourself to the fullest. Selection of books is not at all easy. So, for this you can also seek advice from students you have already cleared this exam.

Points to remember for preparation:

  • Set your own timetable and stick to it
  • Solve as many papers you can of previously exams
  • Select the best book and prepare from it
  • Start your preparation few months back
  • Foundation should be strong
  • Understand all the facts clearly
  • Join coaching classes if needed
  • Do self study if you have confidence on your own

Whenever any student is solving any question paper it is better that question paper of few years should be solved. Doing this student will be confident and will be able to solve any question asked in the exam properly. In case if you are interested in getting some guidance you can also ask your seniors to guide you towards the exam. If you do proper study you are surely going to appear in exam with confidence and you will indeed score good grades.

One should never forget the importance of books in preparation. So, the books that one should read are mentioned below:

CLAT Books 2019

  • Legal Aptitude for the CLAT and other LAW entrance examinations by Bhardwaj
  • Taxmann’s Legal Aptitude by RK Gupta
  • CLAT study Kit by Deepu Krishna and Remya Krishna
  • CLAT solved & Previous year paper by Bhardwaj
  • Universal’s Logical reasoning for CLAT, LSAT and other Law Entrance Exams by Jain Prateek
  • Universal’s Guide to CLAT and LL.B. Entrance Examination by Manish Arora
  • CLAT & LL.B Entrance Examinations by A.P. Bhardwaj
  • The Complete Success Package – CLAT by Arihant Experts
  • vWiley’s Exam Goalpost Comprehensive Guide for Law Entrance Exams
  • v11 Years CLAT & AILET (2008-18) Topic-wise Solved Papers by Disha Publications
  • Universal’s General Knowledge on Law- Legal GK for Competitive Examinations

Select any of these books and appear in CLAT exam with confidence and clear paper with good marks.

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