Top Books for FMGE Exam Preparation 2021

The foreign medical graduate examination known as FMGE is conducted by the national board examination (NBE). This is exam is conducted to allow the citizens of India to practice medicine in India who have a medical degree from foreign colleges and having foreign medical qualifications. This examination is held twice a year, once in June and the other in December. Indian nationals appear for this examination if they want to register themselves with SMC (state medical council) or MCI (medical council of India). In the year 2002, the foreign medical graduate examination was made necessary for all the foreign medical graduates in order to assess their knowledge in medicine.

If one wants to clear FMGE, then the foremost thing to be done is the best selection of the books for this.  Aspirants need to cover all the topics which come in the examination as some leave the easy part and then get confused in the examination. The material which you read and learn is very important that is why one must refer to the books by experts or FMGE toppers.  For the proper preparation you must follow the following tips to clear the examination:-

  • Attempt the mock test after you cover your entire syllabus to evaluate your preparation and identify the areas where you are weak.
  • Cover full syllabus when you prepare for FMGE exam as some study only a few subjects which is not the right way for preparation.
  • Do consistent revision of all the books of the subjects.

FMGE Books

The important books suggested for the foreign medical graduate examination are –

Pre-Clinical Subjects

1.        Biochemistry Satyanarayan
2.       Pathology and Physiology Review of pathology – DR. Govind Garg & Dr. Sparsh Gupta
3.       Anatomy ACROSS book
4.       Pharmacology Review of pharmacology – DR. Govind Garg & Dr. Sparsh Gupta
5.       Forensics & Microbiology Jain Chaurasia/Arora

Books of Dr. vikas

Clinical subjects

1.       Gynaecology and Obstetrics Review book by Harmeet arora

Review book by Dr. Sakshi arora

2.       Surgery Rachna Chaurasia/ Arora

Amit Tripathi and Ashish Gupta

3.       Medical Mudit khanna MCQ internal medicine
4.       Ophthalmology DR. Ruchi Rai
5.       PSM Review for PSM by Vivek Jain
6.       Paediatrics Jitender talekar and Notes by Dr. Marwah

Short Subjects

There are various books for these important subjects also which the students can study before the FMGE exam. The students must thoroughly study the facts and all the concepts then only they will be able to clear.

  • Radiology –PROAFS
  • Orthopaedics – PROAFS
  • Forensic and anatomy – A complete review of short subjects.
  • Skin – ACROSS Book
  • Anesthesia – ACROSS Book

All the aspirants need to thoroughly study each subjects from the books recommended by experts to score well in the foreign medical graduate examination.

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