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VIT Vellore Engineering Entrance Chemistry Sample Papers are made available for all the applicants of the VITEEE exam. The exam is a high level competitive paper in which the applicants need to study with all focus the syllabus of exam. The questions are based on the concepts of Chemistry which are to be prepared well for the exam. Practicing the questions bring in the positive attitude towards the preparations and so the candidates should do it as a schedule.

Question1. Which one of the following is the correct statement?

  1. Chlorides of both beryllium and aluminum have bridged chloride structures in solid phase.
  2. 2NH3 is known as ‘inorganic benzene’.
  3. Boric acid is a protonic acid.
  4. Beryllium exhibits coordination number of six.

Question2. Amount of oxalic acid present in a solution can be determined by its titration with KMnO4solution in thepresence of H2SO4. The titration gives unsatisfactory result when carried out in the presence of HCl, because HCl

  1. Reduces permanganate to Mn2+.
  2. Oxidises oxalic acid to carbon dioxide and water.
  3. Gets oxidised by oxalic acid to chlorine.
  4. Furnishes H+ ions in addition to those from oxalic acid.

Question3. Which of the following factors is of no significance for roasting sulphide ores to the oxides and not subjecting the sulphide ores to carbon reduction directly?

  1. Metal sulphides are less stable than the corresponding oxides.
  2. CO2is more volatile than CS2.
  3. Metal sulphides are thermodynamically more stable than CS2.
  4. CO2is thermodynamically more stable than CS2.

Question4. At 800C, the vapour pressure of pure liquid ‘A’ is 520 mm Hg and that of pure liquid ‘B’ is 1000 mm Hg. If a mixture solution of ‘A’ and ‘B’ boils at 800C and 1 atm pressure, the amount of ‘A’ in the mixture is (1 atm = 760 mm Hg)

  1. 48 mol percent
  2. 50 mol percent
  3. 52 mol percent
  4. 34 mol percent
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VITEEE Chemistry Sample/ Model papers will provide the candidates the idea of how the question are asked in exam paper.

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