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Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam VITEEE Physics Sample Question Papers will contain the questions which are the type of questions generally asked in the exam paper. VITEEE Physics Sample Papers will help you to prepare better for the examination. VITEEE exam competition level is really high and the candidates need to cope up with the level. For this, they need to study well for the exam following up the study material provided. VITEEE Physics Model Question Papers contains the questions of the following kind.

Question1. Two thin lenses are put close to each other, focal length of the combination is :

  1. Less than the small focal length
  2. More than the bigger focal length
  3. Equal to the arithmetical average of the focal length
  4. Equal to the geometrical average of the focal length

Question2. If the intensity and frequency of incident light is doubled then :

  1. Photo electric current will become is times
  2. Kinetic energy of the emitted electron will be increased and current will be 2 times
  3. Kinetic energy of electrons will be 4 times
  4. The kinetic energy of electrons will be 2 times

Question3. In a uniform circular motion:

  1. Both acceleration and speed changes
  2. Both acceleration and speed are constant
  3. Both acceleration and velocity are constant
  4. Both acceleration and velocity changes

Question4. In a diode value, the state of saturation can be obtained easily by :

  1. High plate voltage and high filament
  2. Low filament current and high plate voltage
  3. Low plate voltage and high plate tem
  4. High filament current and high plate voltage

Question5. Wrong statement is

    1. Nuclear force is produced by the exchange of points
    1. Nuclear force increases with increase in no. of nucleus
    1. Range of nuclear forces is very small
  1. Nuclear forces are strongest

Practice the questions from the syllabus of Physics subject as is designed by VIT. Get the sample/ model question papers from below for the VITEEE Exam.

VITEEE Physics Sample Question Papers DOWNLOAD

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