SCRA Mathematics Sample/Model Papers with Solutions Free Download

SCRA Mathematics Model Papers

UPSC Union Public Service Commission every year conducts a recruitment exam in which huge number of aspirants takes part, it is considered at one of the oldest examination in India. Those Aspirants who clear the first level of this examination goes under the undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Jamalpur.  After Completing training program every candidate is absorbed into the highest level leadership program in Railway Organization which is also called as Group A officers.

SCRA Maths Sample Papers PDF

As you all know day by day government recruitment exams are getting tougher because of more aspirants take part in the examination & for that you have to prepare hard. We have formulated a series of SCRA Model papers with answers which you can download through the link provided at the end of the page. Well while preparing for SCRA mathematics exam we suggest that you should keep a formula book/ copy with you so that every time a new technique or formula is discussed you can note it down and the  you will successfully revise & remember it every time.Keep on visiting our website for any help you need then just comment below we will try our best to help you.

Question1. A bag contains 5 brown socks and 4 white socks. A man selects two socks from the bag without replacement. The probability that the selected socks will be of the same color, is

  1. 5/108
  2. 1/6
  3. 5/18
  4. 4/9

Question2. If on an average 2 ships in every 10, sinks. The probability that out of 5 ships expected to arrive, at least three will arrive safely, is

  1. 2944/3125
  2. 2946/3125
  3. 2945/3125
  4. None of these

Question3. A body is projected vertically upwards from a tower of height 192 ft. If it strikes the ground in 6 seconds, then the velocity with which the body is projected is

(a) 64 ft./sec

(b) 32 ft./sec

(c) 16 ft./sec

(d) None of these

You can also download the full SCRA Mathematics Sample Paper with Solutions

Paper 1

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