How to Prepare for SCRA 2019 Exam Preparation Tips Statergy

SCRA exam is an important competitive exam for which the candidates have to prepare hard to clear it. It is not everybody’s cup of tea to clear the exam. There are limited vacancies in the UPSC SCRA exam so you have to prepare upto the level where nobody else can reach.

Never get over confident about your preparations for the exam as you don’t know what are others doing. Just keep a focus on yourself how you will manage all the subjects of SCRA Exam. Make a SCRA 2019 Preparation strategy for each day. A single day can bring a lot of difference in your preparations.


SCRA Preparation Tips-

  1. Be clear in mind about SCRA Exam Syllabus & pattern
  2. Make a time table for your preparation
  3. Schedule which day what subject has to be studied
  4. Just start from stretch for each subject
  5. Work on the basics for each topic you study
  6. Read newspaper day & listen news updates daily to improve your general knowledge
  7. As you get comfortable in your time table, change it the following week, make a harder one
  8. Make your study times enhanced every week so that more practice is being done.
  9. Practice will make you solve questions much earlier
  10. Time Management skills are to be focused

SCRA Preparation includes the most important part- TO CLEAR BASICS as the questions won’t come straight as you study. They would be based on same concepts and so be clear in mind with the basics. SCRA Preparation exam has another thing to be focused- Time Management which actually means that how much time they will spend on 1 question and they will be able to solve whole paper in the scheduled time.

Get things right in your mind at start, bring them into practice and you will see the smooth results. Be focused and confident of the things.

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  1. Sir/mam I am in class 10i have just cleared it my aim is to clear scra what should i do i have to also score in my school exam

  2. respected sir,
    I am Michael Geofry studying in class 11th. My question is that should I start preparing for SCRA exams from now only?


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