State Bank of India Probationary Officer Sample Papers 2019 PDF Download

Every exam preparation is considered as the goal by all applicants so as to score the best in the exam. SBI PO Exam is being conducted every year and all its applicants need to prepare at best possible level for the best performance in the exam. To bring this at upmost level, SBI probationary Officer Exam Model Papers are provided so that you can know what are grey areas for you. State Bank of India Probationary Officer Sample Papers will include the questions from the syllabus context of the exam. These papers are solved just that you can cross check all the answers at the same page.

Below are questions from SBI PO Model Question papers, practice them and then check their answers from below given PDFs-

Question1. In a certain language

  1. PIC VIC NIC means ‘winter is cold’
  2. TO NIC RE means ‘summer is hot’
  3. RE THO PA means ‘nights are hot’ which of the following is the code for ‘summer’?

(A) TO




Question2. In a three-digit number, the digit in the unit place is 75% of the digit in the tens place. The digit in the tens place is greater than the digit in the hundred’s place by 1. If the sum of the digits in the tens place and hundreds place is fifteen. What will be the number?

(A) 687

(B) 786

(C) 795

(D) Can’t be determined

Question3. A tap can fill a tank in 6 hours. ½ tank is filled, 3 more matching taps are opened. What is the total time taken to fill the tank completely?

(A) 3 hours 45 min

(B) 4 hours

(C) 3 hours 15 min

(D) 4 hours 15 min

Question4. For what value of k, the system of equation kx – y – 2 = 0 and 6x – 2y – 3 = 0 will have unique solution?

(A) k ≠ 3

(B) k ≠ 2

(C) k = 3

(D) k = 2

Question5. Kishan Gopal started his journey from point XX and travelled forward 8 kilometre up to point YY, then turned towards right and travelled 5 kilometre up to point ZZ then turned right and travelled 7 kilometre up to point AA and then turned towards right and travelled 5 kilometre up to BB. What is the exact distance between point BB and XX?

(A) 2 km

(B) 1 km

(C) 4 km

(D) 3 km

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  2. SBI PO exams by giving you an idea about the type of questions that usually come in the exam, along with their difficulty levels.


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