Previous Year JKCET Biology Old Question Papers To Prepare For Exam

Jammu & Kashmir Common Entrance Test is conducted every year in which huge number of students appear for only one motive is to get selected in the top colleges of the state. Most of the students look for the JKCET previous year question papers in order to check the level on the examination & get the rough idea. Also keep on practicing the questions, to increase the calculation power. Sometimes what happen few questions get repeated so it is very important to check the last year questions.

Question1. The reduction in the quantity of oxygen evolution during photosynthesis may be observed at:

  1. Light having wavelength more than 680nm.
  2. Light having wavelength less than 680nm.
  3. Light having wavelength 560nm.
  4. Light having wavelength less than 360nm.

Question2. Standing crops refers to:

  1. All the photosynthetic living forms in an area.
  2. All the living forms in an area.
  3. The amount of living matter in a component population of an ecosystem at any time.
  4. All the crop plants in an area.

Question3. Surfactant:

  1. Is a protein produced by type II alveolar cells.
  2. Is excessive in many premature infants resulting in difficulties breathing.
  3. Decreases the surface tension of the fluid lining the
  4. Is lacking in individuals suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Question4. The problem of electrical discontinuity caused in the normal heart by the connective tissue separating the atria from the ventricles is solved by:

  1. Coordinating electrical activity in the atria with electrical activity in the ventricles by connecting them via the bundle of his.
  2. Having the A-V node function as a secondary pacemaker.
  3. Having an ectopic pacemaker.
  4. Coordinating electrical activity in the atria with electrical activity in the ventricles by connecting them via the vagus nerve.

Question5. A disease sometimes found in persons above 40 years of age and is characterised by poor CNS coordination, forgetfulness and tremor of hands is:

  1. Epilepsy
  2. Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Migraine
  4. Schizophrenia

Question6. Plasmids present in the bacterial cells are.

  1. Linear double helical RNA molecules
  2. Linear double helical DNA molecules
  3. Circular double helical DNA molecules.
  4. Circular double helical RNA molecules.

Question7. A bio-fertiliser is:

  1. A cyanobacteria like anabaena species living in cavities of azolla leaves.
  2. Symbiotic association like azatobacter which fixes atmospheric nitrogen.
  3. Farm yard manure consisting of mixture of cattle dung and crop.
  4. Green manure in which a quickly growing crop is cultivated and ploughed under.

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