Jammu & Kashmir CET Chemistry Old Question Papers With Solutions

Jammu & Kashmir Common Entrance Test or JKCET Chemistry Exam is the important paper for which the preparations are to be done at the best possible level. JKCET Chemistry Previous Question Papers are provided below using which you can achieve success in the exam. Chemistry Question Papers for JKCET will let you know what & how to prepare for exam.

Question1. When 6.3 of sodium bicarbonate are added to 30.0g acetic acid solution, the residual solution is found to weigh 33.0g. The mass of carbon dioxide released in the reaction is:

  1. 3.0g
  2. 0.91g
  3. 1.91g
  4. 3.3g

Question2. When a solution containing non-volatile solute is diluted with water:

  1. Its osmotic pressure increases.
  2. Its boiling point increases.
  3. Its freezing point decreases.
  4. Its vapour pressure increases.

 Question3. What happens when blood cells are placed in pure water

  1. The fluid in blood cells rapidly moves into water.
  2. The water molecules rapidly move into blood cells.
  3. The blood cells dissolve in water.
  4. No change takes place.

Question4. The separation of racemic mixture into pure enantiomers is termed as:

  1. Racemisation
  2. Resolution
  3. Equilibration
  4. Isomerisation

Question5. The behaviour of a real gas approaches ideal behaviour at:

  1. Low temperature, low pressure
  2. High temperature, high pressure
  3. Low temperature, high pressure
  4. High temperature, low pressure

Question6. Which of the following is not postulate of the kinetic theory of gases?

  1. Gas molecules are in a permanent state of random motion.
  2. Pressure of gas is due to molecular impacts on the walls.
  3. The molecules are perfectly elastic.
  4. The molecular collisions are elastic.

Question7. All naturally occurring processes proceed spontaneously in a direction which leads to

  1. Increase in enthalpy of system
  2. Decrease the entropy of system
  3. Decrease in free energy of system
  4. Increase in free energy of system

Question8. Which of the following statements is false regarding alkali metals?

  1. Alkali metals are soft and can be cut with the help of knife.
  2. Alkali metals do not occur in free state in nature.
  3. Alkali metals are highly electropositive elements.
  4. Alkali metal hydrides are covalent in character.

Question9. Which of the following forces is the strongest?

  1. Hydrogen bonding
  2. Dipole dipole forces
  3. Van der waal’s forces
  4. Co-ordinate bonding
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