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Chhattisgarh Pre Engineering Test has chemistry as its important subject and for that the preparation has to be done in a way that the competing power as per the level is maintained. The applicants need to study all the syllabus of the Chemistry subject and then practice the questions of each topic so that you have hands on each and everything. For this CGPET Chemistry Previous Papers are given below and can be used for your practice for the exam.

Q1: Helium- oxygen mixture is used by deep sea divers in preference to nitrogen- oxygen mixture due to-

  1. Nitogen is much more soluble in blood than helium
  2. Nitrogen is much less soluble in blood than helium
  3. Due to high pressure deep under the sea nitrogen and oxygen react to give poisonous nitric oxide
  4. Nitrogen is water soluble

Q2: Which is correct with respect to optical isomers?

  1. Enantiomers are non- superimposable mirror image
  2. Diastereomers are superiniposable i. or images
  3. Enantiomers are superimposable mirror image
  4. Meso forms have no plane of svmmett

Q3: vanArkel method of punficati’n of metals involves converting the metal to a-

  1. Volatile stable compound
  2. Non Volatile stable compound
  3. Volatile Unstable compound
  4. None of above

Q4: Vapour pressure of pure ‘A’ is 70mm of Hg at 25C. It forms an ideal solution with ‘B’ in which mole fraction of A is 0.8 II the vapour pressure of solution is 84 mm of Hg at 25 C is-

  1. 28mm
  2. 56mm
  3. 70mm
  4. 140mm

These above are the sample questions, answers of which can be attained from the PDF file given below. Practice the questions well and improve yourself on every mistake. Still, if queries persist please write us in comment section so that we can reach you.

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Paper 2012

Paper 2013

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