CG PET Physics Previous Year Question Papers Download PDF

CGPET Physics Previous Question papers contain all the questions which have been part of CGPET exam in earlier years. As the syllabus of CG PET exam is clear, so it is important for the candidates to study and practice all the topics in proper manner. CG PET Previous Year Question Paper for Physics are made available in the end so that you can save them and practice as per you are prepared for it.

Some sample questions from syllabus of physics are given below which can be solved and the answers of the following questions can be checked from PDFs.

Q1: 2 spheres each of mass M and radius R/ 2 are connected with a massless rod of length 2R. Calculate the moment of inertia of the system about an axis passing through the centre of one of the spheres and perpendicular to rod?

  1. pV
  2. 2pV
  3. 3pV
  4. 4pV

Q2: Which is correct order of increasing work done for the same initial and final states?

1= Adiabatic

2= Isothermal

3= Isobaric

  1. 1, 2, 3
  2. 3, 1, 2
  3. 1, 3, 2
  4. None of the above

Q3: The 2 particles A & B remain at rest position. Both of them due to attraction forces move towards each other. At some point the velocity of A is v. At that instant velocity of B is 2V. The velocity of centre of mass of system will be-

  1. v
  2. Zero
  3. 5 v
  4. 3 v

Q4: The correct relation between adiabatic & isothermal gradient is-

  1. Adiabatic gradient = y * isothermal gradient
  2. isothermal gradient = y * Adiabatic gradient
  3. isothermal gradient = y2 * Adiabatic gradient
  4. Adiabatic gradient = y2 * isothermal gradient

CG PET Previous Year Papers Physics should be used in a manner that they help you in better preparation of exam. Study the topics of the exam and then solve the related questions.

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