Sahitya Academy Award Winners of Kannada Language Best Writers

Sahitya Akademi Award Winners list for the best literary work is mentioned in tabular form below which can be referred best for the knowledge. The winners of Sahitya Academy of Kannada language from the year 1955 to 2014 are given below. The people are awarded based on the different kinds of literary work. The name … Read more

List of Private Banks in India- Top 25 Non- Government Banks

There are certain Private banks in India. These banks are run by private stakeholders and there is no role of Government in handling them. However, from the times the private banks have been reformed and recreated as per the requirements. There were old private and new private banks in India details of which are- Old … Read more

Sahitya Akademi Award List of Winners For Manipuri Language

Sahitya Akademi Award is given in honor to all those people who have worked hard in writing. The literary work is honored nationally. This award was started by the Government of India to give it to people who have contributed a lot in different forms of writing. There are several category of books written by … Read more

Bodo Language Winners List of Sahitya Akademi National Award

Bodo Language is spoken in the 7 sisters states of India- Assam, Meghalaya etc. This language is also spoken in Bangladesh country. It is written in various scripts such as Latin, Devanagari, Bengali etc. For this language, also Sahitya Akademi Award is given nationally. The national academy gives the award for the literary honour in … Read more

Sahitya Akademi Award Winners Of Dogri Language- Dogra Literary Writers Award

Dogri language is common in states- J&K, Himachal Pradesh, some parts of Punjab. This is called as Indo- Aryan language and the ones who speak this are known as Dogras. Based on the different dialects, Dogri is a member of Western Pahari group of languages. The region where this language is spoken are called as … Read more

Chief Ministers Name List of Tripura From 1963 Till Date

List of Chief Ministers of Tripura from 1963 Till Date are listed in the table below. The chief ministers of Tripura along with the names and their tenure of years are mentioned below. List of Tripura Chief Ministers Serial Number Chief Ministers Name From To 1 Sachindra Lal Singh Jul 1, 1963 Nov 1, 1971 … Read more

29 States Of India With Their Capitals & Languages Details

General Knowledge is a part of daily chores which is obtained from different sources such as Books, Newspapers and the Internet, etc. GK is a necessity in today’s world. Something beyond current skills has to be present in the candidates of which GK is the crucial part. GK is asked in every competitive paper. The … Read more

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