AIIMS Chemistry Sample Question Papers Download PDF

AIIMS Chemistry Sample Question Papers contain the questions from the syllabus part of exam. This is a very important medical competitive exam for which the preparation has to be done in the best way. Sample papers of AIIMS can be downloaded and used as preparation material for the exam. The questions in exam will be asked from Physics, Chemistry & Biology which have been studied already in earlier classes.

Q1: The false statement regarding alkane is-

  1. This does not perform polymerization reaction
  2. This does not gives elimination reaction
  3. It does not disappear the color of dilute KMnO4 solution
  4. It does not decolorize bromine water

Q2: Acetic acid is a weak acid because-

  1. 85 gm ions are formed by 1 lakh gms of acetic acid
  2. It is not a good conductor of electricity
  3. It reacts with reactive metals
  4. It is insoluble in water

Q3: Which of the following is false-

  1. 40% solution HCHO is known as formalin
  2. HCHO is least reactive in its homologous series
  3. The BP of isovarelaldehyde is less than n- varelaldehyde
  4. The boiling point of ketones are higher than that of aldehydes

Q4: The true statement for 2-chlorobutane and 3-chlorobutane is-

  1. First is more reactive than second
  2. First is less reactive than second
  3. Chlorine atom in both are of different type
  4. One name is wrong, both are same

Full set of model question papers for exam can be attained from below and practiced before the exam. Followed by these are the papers of Physics and chemistry which can be used for the preparation of exam.

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AIIMS Chemistry Sample Papers DOWNLOAD

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