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AIIMS Biology Sample Question Papers for exam preparation are given below. There are several important topics which have to be prepared from Biology stream.  All the topics as described in syllabus have to be studied well. Once you get to know the level of hardness for each then you need to segregate your studies. The topics which are hard ones need to be prepared more properly and the questions based on them have to be solved more properly.

Q1: Slime moulds in the division Myxomycota (true slime moulds) have-

  1. Pseudoplasmodia
  2. Free living amoeboid cells where spores develop
  3. Spores that develop into flagellated gametes
  4. Feeding stages consisting of solitary individual cells

Q2: Axolotl larva of Ambyostoma normally fails to metamorphose due to-

  1. Missing Ca and Mg ions in water
  2. Absence of phosphorus in water
  3. Lack of iodine in water or diet
  4. High concentration of iodine in body

Q3: The point in eye of mammals from which optic nerves and blood vessels the eye ball is-

  1. Yellow spot
  2. Blind spot
  3. Pars optic
  4. None of these

Q4: Regarding blood circulation, it may be said that in Phereiima the dorsal vessel is a –

  1. Collecting vessel in first 2 segments and distributing vessel in other
  2. Distributing vessel in first 5 segments and collecting vessel in other
  3. Collecting vessel in 13 segments and distributing vessel in intestinal region
  4. Distributing vessel in first 13 segments and collecting vessel in intestinal region

AIIMS Biology Model Question Papers are available below which can be used to practice the questions which are likely to come in exam. For any queries, please write in comment box so that we can help you. Being a competitive paper, make sure to solve all types of questions and clear your basics.

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