UPSC CMS Paper II Old Question Papers With Solutions Download

UPSC Combined Medical Services (CMS) exam is being conducted in 2 parts- Paper I & II. UPSC CMS Paper II Previous Year Question Papers for exam preparation is being provided for all the applicants who apply for the exam. This exam is the highly important competitive paper for which it is important to study well. UPSC CMS Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics and Preventive, Social & Community Medicine Previous Year Question Papers are provided below on the page.

Practice the below questions for UPSC CMS Exam and then you will know in which section you need more practice and knowledge.

Ques1. The commonest site for the hypoglossal cyst is:

  1. Suprahyoid
  2. Subhyoid
  3. Foramen caecum
  4. Submentum

Ques2. Factors important in the formation of gall stones include all the following except:

  1. Cholesterol saturation in bile
  2. Gall bladder motility
  3. The size of micelles
  4. Obesity

Ques3. Universal precautions to be followed by the surgical team include all of the following except:

  1. Wearing double gloves
  2. Downing water repellant gown
  3. Wearing boots
  4. Prophylactic antimicrobials

Ques4. The term “debridement” of the wound refers to

  1. Clean excision of at least 1mm of skin from the edge of the wound
  2. The irrigation and cleaning of the wound
  3. Laying open all layers of the wound and excision of the devitalized
  4. Closure of wound in layers

Ques5. Which of the following statements is true regarding wound contracture?

  1. It is a primary process affecting the closure of sutured wounds
  2. Bacterial colonization of wound slows the process of contraction
  3. It is the function of specialized fibroblasts that contain actin myo-filaments
  4. It may account for a maximum of 40% decrease in the size of a wound

Ques6. Which of the following statements is true about antibiotic therapy?

  1. It has its greatest effect on multiplying organisms
  2. It enhances the uptake of organisms by phagocytes
  3. It enhances the intracellular killing of organisms by phagocytes
  4. It facilitates killing of organisms by activation of complements

Download UPSC CMS Previous Question Papers from below and then your scores will improve in the exam.

2011 Paper II 2012 Paper II 2013 Paper II 2014 Paper II
2015 Paper II

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