Telangana Forest Beat Officer Syllabus 2019 In Telugu & English

Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) Forest Beat Officer in Forest Department (EFS&T) recruitment exam details are given below. TSPSC Forest Beat Officer 2019 exam pattern and syllabus is given below as per which the candidates can start their exam preparations.

TSPSC Forest Beat Officer Exam Pattern 2019

Exam Type Objective Written exam
Total Papers 2
Total Questions 200 (100 each)
Total Time 90 min each
Total Marks 200 (100 each)
Subjects Included Paper 1- General Knowledge

Paper 2- General Mathematics

TSPSC Forest Beat Officer Syllabus 2019

General Mathematics: There will be questions asked from SSC standard and the detailed topics are listed below-

Mensuration: Areas of square, parallelogram, rectangle, triangle, circle, areas of all figures, surface areas & volumes of all figures

Trigonometry: Sine, Cosine, Tangent values. Use of these values and identities, height & distances questions

Algebra: Basic operations, remainder theorem, Theory of polynomials, solutions of quadratic equation, relation between roots & coefficients, linear equations in 2 unknowns, analytical & graphical solutions, linear equations/ inequations in 2 variables & solutions, quadratic equation in 1 variable, set language, set notation, rational expression, laws of indices

Arithmetic: Number system, rational, real, complex, prime, composite numbers, integers, fractions, BODMAS rule, basic operations, time & work, percentages, simple & compound interest, profit & loss, ratio & proportion, variation, time & distance, division algorithm, HCF & LCM, Euclidean algorithm, logarithm to base 10, laws of logarithms, divisibility rules, use of logarithms tables

Geometry: Lines & angles, plane & figures, several theorems- parallel lines, sides & angles of triangle, properties of angle, congruency of triangles, properties of angles, sides & diagonals of parallelogram, rectangle, square, concurrence of medians & altitudes, circles & its properties, Loci

Statistics: Graphical representation frequency polygons, bar charts, histograms, measures of central tendency, pie charts, tabulation of statistical date

General Knowledge: The exam will include the following sections-

Current affairs of India & World, General Science, environmental issues, disaster management, geography, economy, indian constitution, indian political system, modern indian history, history of Telangana, society, culture, heritage, arts, literature, policies of Telangana, ethics, sensitivity to gender & weaker sections, social awareness. These topics will be asked in exam based on both India & Telangana.

For any kind of query, you can write to us in comment section below and we will help you with answers. Also, refer below the syllabus for all forest department related posts issued by Telangana.

Telangana Forest Department Syllabus 2019

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