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Surds and Indices

Surds – Surds which are square roots. It cannot be simplified into rational numbers. Surds are the form of square root which cannot be reduced. Some can be simplified by using various rules or by rationalising the denominator. A surd is also called as an irrational number which is expressed with the help of roots. Surds are just numbers with fractional indices.

For example, square root of 4 is not a surd

Whereas square root of 5 is a surd

Indices – Indices are similar to surds and it can be simplified into rational numbers. An index is the power or exponent of a number. For example all the square root numbers has an index of 2. Similarly all the cube root numbers has an index of 3.

The manipulator of indices and surds can be a powerful tool for evaluating and simplifying expressions. Any operation with indices can be applied to surds and indices and surds are related to each other.

This allows us to group numbers together into forms that can be more convenient. Sometime surds will appear in the denominator of an expression. We can rationalize the denominator by applying some of the techniques into a fraction form.

There are certain notes and study materials are available for practices on this topic. We can download these notes and study materials and can use it for our preparation. Simply search surds and indices in the internet.

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