RRB Junior Engineer IT/CSE Sample Papers Download For Exam Preparation

When talking of railway examinations, it is really important to prepare in best possible way because the competition is really high. Preparing in best possible way for the exam consists of schedule for the exam. The candidates often need RRB Junior Engineer CSE/ IT Sample Papers to know the type of questions that come in exam paper. Get the RRB JE CSE Model papers and practice the questions of the same kind so as to increase the fluency for the exam.

Some questions are given below which have been part of the exam till now-

Question1. Consider the following code segment.

for (int k 5 0; k , 20; k 5 k 1 2)

{ if (k % 3 55 1)

System.out.print(k 1 ” “);


What is printed as a result of executing the code segment?

(a) 4 16

(b) 4 10 16

(c) 0 6 12 18

(d) 1 4 7 10 13 16 19

(e) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18

Question2. A car dealership needs a program to store information about the cars for sale. For each car, they want to keep track of the following information: number of doors (2 or 4), whether the car has air conditioning, and its average number of miles per gallon. Which of the following is the best design?

(a) Use one class, Car, which has three data fields: int numDoors, boolean has Air, and double miles Per Gallon.

(b) Use four unrelated classes: Car, Doors, Air Conditioning, and Miles per Gallon.

(c) Use a class Car which has three subclasses: Doors, Air Conditioning, and Miles per Gallon.

(d) Use a class Car, which has a subclass Doors, with a subclass Air Conditioning, with a subclass Miles per Gallon.

(e) Use three classes: Doors, AirConditioning, and MilesPerGallon, each with a subclass Car.

Question3. The method findLongest does not work as intended. Which of the following best describes the value returned by a call to findLongest ?

(a) It is the length of the shortest consecutive block of the value target in nums.

(b) It is the length of the array nums.

(c) It is the number of occurrences of the value target in nums.

(d) It is the length of the first consecutive block of the value target in nums.

(e) It is the length of the last consecutive block of the value target in nums.

Question4. Which of the following is FALSE in C?

  1. Keywords can be used as variable names.
  2. Variable names can contain a digit.
  3. Variable names do not contain a blank space.
  4. Capital letters can be used in variable names.

Question5. An expression contains relational operators, assignment operator and arithmetic operator. In the absence of parentheses, they will be evaluated in which of the following order

  1. Assignment, relational, arithmetic
  2. Arithmetic, relational, assignment
  3. Relational, arithmetic, assignment
  4. Assignment, arithmetic, relational
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 Paper 5  Paper 6  Paper 7

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    1. It was a mix up as most of the question will be from your domain branch but as an engineer you must have knowledge of all so few question were posed from different branches Eg. Mechanical, Civil, ECE only basic questions were asked

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