Raj Board 10th SST Previous Papers Download PDF

Social science is a theoretical subject for which students need to learn all the chapters. Social science is a subject which includes 4 parts which are political science, economics, history and geography and students need to prepare all the 4 parts properly to score good marks. All the parts are different and there is not link between any parts. Political science is part which is based on politics important chapters included in this are caste and religion, democracy challenges, outcomes, political parties etc. So students by studying this you can gather knowledge on politics.

Rajasthan 10th Board SST Previous Papers

History involves all the stories related to past important chapter include in history are print culture, nationalism etc and students do study all the movements and names properly. Geography is based on nature it includes chapters like water resources, agriculture, land resources etc. maps are also included in geography. Students do prepare maps properly. Last part is economics it includes all the income and chapters which includes, GDP, NP etc each and every part is important so learn all the chapters properly don’t miss even a single topic.

After you are done with you textbook than you can solve various previous year papers which are provided by Rajasthan board to help you out in exam. Solve papers with proper time it will help you manage you time and even help you increase your speed in exam. By solving papers you will be get to know important questions so that you can prepare each and every question. If you don’t know any questions don’t lose hope instead go and prepare all the questions whose answer you don’t. Know. Prepare all the questions from previous year papers so that you don’t leave any important question. Do prepare hard and score well.

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Paper 6 Paper 7 Paper 8 Paper 9 Paper 10

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