Syllabus For NIELIT ‘O’ Level Course 2019 M1-M4-R4

NIELIT society has founded out the course named NIELIT ‘O’ Level Course in the field of information technology. Main Objective of course is to prepare candidates for NIELIT by providing them proper education, knowledge and skills. The duration for course is 1 year which involves 2 semesters of 6 months each. These are for employment of posts and services under central government.

NIELIT Exam Pattern 2019

Exam pattern for ‘O’ Level Course which include BCA, A level, CHMO and Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering / IT.

  • Duration of exam – 3 hours
  • Total marks- 100 for each subject
  • Practical exam- 1 ( 3 hours)

Grade system for exam

Below 50% F (fail)
50%- 54% D
54%- 64% C
64%-74% B
75%-84% A
85%-above S

NIELIT Exam Syllabus 2019

Theoretical exam topics will be-

  • M1-R4: IT Tools & Business Systems: Topics included under this are- Computer Appreciation, Presentation Package, Operating System, Word Processing, Information Technology and Society, Computer Organization, Data Base Operations, Spreadsheet Package.
  • M2-R4: Internet Technology & Web Design: Topics included under this subject are- Introduction to Internet, Web Publishing and Browsing, ,Internet Connectivity, Internet Network, Current Trends on Internet, Services on Internet (Definition and Functions),Interactivity Tools, Electronic Mail, Internet Security Management Concepts, HTML Programming Basics,  Information Privacy and Copyright Issues, TCP/IP – Internet Technology and Protocol.
  • M3-R4: Programming & Problem Solving Through ‘C’ Language: This subject will include topics- Introduction to Programming, Algorithms for Problem Solving, Introduction to ‘C’ Language, Arrays, Conditional Statements and Loops, Functions, Pointers, Storage Classes, Self- Referential Structures and Linked Lists, File Processing, Structures and unions.
  • 1- R4: Application Of .Net Technology: The .NET framework, Advanced Features Using C#, C# Using Libraries, C# Basics, ASP.NET 2.0, Advanced Programming Constructs, Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic.NET, NET Architecture and Advanced Tools, File and Database Applications
  • 2-R4: Introduction To Multimedia: This subject will include topics- Introduction to Multimedia, Computer Fonts and Hypertext, Video and Animation, Audio fundamentals and representations, Image fundamentals and representations, Multimedia Authoring.
  • 3-R4: Introduction To ICT Resources: This subject will include topics- PC Assembly and Operation, Utilities, Network Administration, Networking Concepts

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