MHA IB ACIO General Awareness Question Papers Download PDF

MHA IB ACIO General Awareness Question Papers will help you to learn what type of questions will be asked in exam. Normally, candidates are unable to comprehend what should they study for exam. But with some set of questions, you will get to know what kind of preparations are expected and how one should be prepared. General Awareness is the most scoring section of exam because this part contains the questions that are part of daily life. There is no need of calculations, formulas, concepts in this section.

Knowing the surroundings, staying connected with the happenings can help you to score much in the exam. MHA IB ACIO exam is the important paper and so you should take it seriously by studying as much material you can. Also, we have collated some of the best books for ACIO exam.

MHA IB ACIO General Awareness Books LOOK

Reading daily newspapers or watching headlines daily can be enough to answer this section. To brush up your skills, you can refer to the books given above, General Awareness contains some questions based on the culture, society, history, geographical locations, important dates & events etc. So, the overall awareness is tested in this section.

Also, practice the sample papers provided for MHA IB ACIO on this website so that you can more material to practice. These mock questions will help you to be more confident.

MHA IB ACIO Sample papers LOOK

We have general knowledge section on our website which contains the exclusive material for GK. You can look for this section and you can get some more important information for your exam. Exclusive GK Material 

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3
Paper 4 Paper 5

For other details on ACIO, you can stay connected with us and we will help you with best of material. For any queries, you can write to us in comment section below.

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  1. Sir the above given 5 GK Material Papers are for other exams also or praticularly IB ACIO.
    Also how these papers are prepared?

  2. Sir kindly confirm that the admit card printout is required in colour or normal. Because I have some confusion about it

    • Hi Divya,
      You should start studying the basic concepts of the topics which are part of exam syllabus, followed by start practicing the questions based on them. Solve as many papers as you can to make your skills stronger and become confident for the exam.


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