LIC ADO Sample/Model Question Papers Download PDF

LIC ADO Sample Question papers are provided so that all candidates can have the idea of the level of questions that are asked in the competitive examinations. The sample question papers of LIC ADO will guide for all sections of syllabus of paper. The sections include- quantitative aptitude, reasoning, GK, English, Insurance, and Financial Marketing. LIC ADO Model Papers will contain the questions from all these fields which way you can make improvements in your skills.

LIC ADO Model Question Paper 2019

Practice the questions from the available papers below. LIC ADO Questions for the exam can be as-

Q1: A shopkeeper buys 144 eggs, which costs 90 paise each. 20 eggs out of these 144 were broken. So, the remaining eggs were sold out at Rs 1.20 each. The gain or loss percent is

  • 8% gain
  • 9% gain
  • 5% gain
  • 4.8% gain

Q2: The famous film maker who died in August 2006 is:

  • Naushad
  • Bimal Roy
  • Hrishikesh Mukherji
  • Raj Kapoor

Q3: Find the two statements that together prove that-


  • Sandy sings in a band.
  • Sandy likes country music the best.
  • Difficult music such as country and classical require an actively trained voice.
  • Sandy’s band plays country songs.
  • Sandy has attended singing lessons for many years.

Choose the appropriate option from below-

  1. 1 & 3
  2. 2 & 5
  3. 3 & 5
  4. 1 & 4
  5. 3 & 4

Same way more questions can be practiced from the below available links and once solved, their answers can be checked. Evaluate yourself and then improve so that you can achieve more in the exam. LIC ADO solved sample papers will surely help to score better in this competitive paper.

LIC ADO Sample Papers

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper 5 Paper 6
Paper 7 Paper 8 Paper 9 Paper 10 Paper 11 Paper 12
Paper 13 Paper 14 Paper 15 Paper 16 Paper 17 Paper 18

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