KSEEB 12th Class History Sample/Model Question Papers PDF

History is one the most boring as well as the interesting subject for few students but let’s not forget it is very important from career point of view, if you have a dream to get a government job then history matter a lot to you. Most of the GK are asked from the past events occurred in the history. Well in this post we have shared the Karnataka 2nd PUC history previous year question paper. Well as I told earlier that if you want to get a government job then do take history subject more seriously, try not to get scared our first motive is to clear board exams for that first get your syllabus and start studying with the topics which you don’t know. Well maintain a notebook in which you cannot down all the important dates as it play a crucial role every time. Try to study history like a story it will be less easy to remember.

All the best for the board examination and we hope you do well in the examination.

Question1. What is “Boston Tea Party”?

Question2. What was the immediate cause for the outbreak of First World War? Sarajevo-incident/Murder of Arch Duke Ferdinand, the Austrian prince.

Question3. Explain the slogan ‘Swaraj is my birth right, I shall have it’ said by BalaGangadhar Tilak.

Question4. On the outline map of India mark the historical places

Calicut, Goa, Kolkata, Chittagong, Pondicherry

Also add 2 sentences explaining the historical background.

Ans- For this question, the answer for the explanation of historical places is-

Calicut- In 19948, Vasco Da Gama arrived and discovered sea route to India.

Goa- It was the capital of the Portugese in India. Albuquerque captured it from the sultan of Bijapur in 1510 liberated in 1961.

Kolkata- Situated on Banks of the river Hoogli. First capital of the British in India. At present the capital of West Bengal.

Chittagong– In Bangladesh, annexed to India by Dalhousie. It is one of the centres of Sepoy mutiny.

Pondicherry- It is located on the eastern coast of India and is colony of the French

Paper 1 Paper 2

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