KSEEB 2nd PUC Business Studies Question Papers Download PDF

Business studies generally deals with the economics and the management, this subject is offered to students who have chosen the commerce stream. Well most of the students have already started their preparation for the board examination and thus covering topics every day. Students who have followed the syllabus and know the exam pattern can better understand the examination and after finished preparing they need some real time questions, so below we are providing the Karnataka 12th class business studies previous year question paper.

Question1. What do you mean by Life Insurance? Explain the different types of Life Insurance Policies.

Question2. Explain Transportation? What is the need & importance of Transport.

Question3. Define Stock Exchange? Explain the various functions of Stock Exchange.

Question4. State five social responsibilities of Business towards consumers

Question5 List out any five insurance companies in private sector.

Question6. As a common man, what obligations do you expect from a businessman to protect the environment?

Question7. As a consumer, what rights do you enjoy under the consumer protection Act of 1986?

Question8. List out the various educational avenues available for commerce students after completing PUC.

Question9. Prepare a list of any five products and suggest the suitable media of advertisements.

Question10. List out any five insurance companies in the private sector.

Question11. As a consumer, what rights do you enjoy under the consumer protection act, 1986?

Question12. As a manager of a plant, what principles would you adopt while designing a

Good plant layout?

If you need any type of help then just comment below & for more updates you can also follow us on Facebook and Google+. We hope that we have provided you the right information all the best to all the students giving the board examination this year. Download KSEEB Board 12th Business Studies Papers and practice well for the exam.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3

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