Karnataka 12th Class Computer Science Old Question Papers PDF

Computer is one of the subject which requires less efforts and is much scoring. Students score very well in this exam. Karnataka 12th board Computer science previous year question paper download link has been provided year wise so that you have the proper study material to prepare for the exam. There are several candidates who have varied skills in different subjects. The following questions have been listed from previous papers so that you can do well in the exam.

Question 1. Explain the generations of computers in detail.

Question 2. Explain the structure of C++ program. Give examples. Also write a C++ program to find the factorial of a given number.

Question 3. If str = “computer science” then what is stored in str with the following input statements.

  1. Scanf (“%s” , str);
  2. Gets ( str);

Question 4. Write a C program to find the frequency of a character in a given string.

Question 5. Using ESS, analyze the result for the following data and represent with the help of a Bar graph.

Year 2010 2011 2012 2013
% 92 76 87 70

 Question 6.

  • Explain any two HTML tags.
  • Explain any two types of select command in SQL with syntax and example.
  • Write any two advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce.

Question 7. Explain function with arguments and with return value. Give a programming example.

Question 8. Define the following:

  • Data model
  • Entity
  • Instance
  • Attribute
  • Domain

Question 9. Draw a flowchart to accept a matrix and to check if it is symmetric.

Input 2 marks
Square/rectangular checking 1 mark
Logic 5 marks
Output 2 marks

Question 10. Discuss the differences between manual data processing and electronic data processing.

Practice more papers of Karnataka 12th board computers from below.

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