Karnataka 12th Board Chemistry Sample/Model Papers PDF

Like every year most of the student choose to do their 12th class from science stream, in which chemistry is the crucial subject and this post is about the Karnataka 2nd PUC chemistry previous year question paper. Most of students search for Karnataka 12th class chemistry question paper after they complete the preparation through syllabus. Chemistry is one of the toughest subjects which students face in their schooling life, so it is very important to prepare hard for this subject. You can download the following paper given below. We wish you all the best, do give the examination with no fear just manage your time in the examination hall efficiently. Also try the few question given below.

Question1. What is the gas name liberated at anode during the manufacture of caustic soda using nelson’s cell?

Question2. Based on the ‘electron gas theory’ explain why metals are malleable.

Question3. Discuss the mechanism of alkylation of benzene or how is ethanol converted into iodoethane.

Question4. Name the gases liberated at anode and cathode respectively when an aqueous solution of sodium chloride is electrolysed.

Question5. White phosphorus is heated with excess of dry chlorine to get X. When X is hydrolysed it forms an oxyacid of phosphorous Y. Give the names of X & Y. What is the basicity of acid Y?

Question6. Explain the preparation of ozonised oxygen with an equation. Name the oxidized product obtained when ozone reacts with lead sulphide.

Question7. Carboxylic acid is mixed with alcohol in presence of conc. H2SO4. Name the reaction. Give its general equation.

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Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3

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