JKPSC Civil Engineering CCPE Previous Year Question Papers Download PDF

JKPSC CCPE Civil Engineering branch papers will have the questions based on the basics of the branch. The concepts of the civil will have to be cleared as the questions can be asked from any part of course of Civil Engineering. In total, there will be 120 questions objective type. The answers are to be marked in the separate Response sheet provided to the candidates.

The questions asked in the examination are of type-

Q1: The shafts are designed on basis of-

  1. Strength
  2. Rigidity
  3. Either of above 2
  4. Both above

Q2: The shear stress distribution over rectangular cross section of beam follows-

  1. A circular path
  2. An elliptical path
  3. A straight line path
  4. A Parabolic Path

Q3: An observer standing on deck of ship just sees the top of lighthouse which is 30 mt. above sea level, if height of observer’s eye is 10 mt. above sea level, then distance of observer from lighthouse will be-

  1. 5 KM
  2. 3 KM
  3. 7 KM
  4. 3 KM

The topics which all are covered in the branch, the questions will be based on them. So, study all the topics very properly. The exam is very important as it will take you to civil services and administrative services. The candidates who all are selected can work with JKPSC. So, be very particular in studying for the exam so that you can get the opportunity to work with JKPSC. Study the exam syllabus properly and practice more papers for the better results.

The exam papers are provided for the years from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 below which will help you to prepare in the best possible manner.

JKPSC CCE (Prelims) Civil Papers Previous Year Paper 1  Paper 2  Paper 3 Paper 4

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