Psychology Papers Download JKPSC Combined Competitive Pre Exam

 JKPSC CCPE Psychology Papers are provided for the candidates of this field so that they can prepare well for the examination. The previous year papers for the Psychology subject will help you to know that what all topics are covered by the officials in the exam paper. The Psychology subject is one of the 23 subjects for which examinations are conducted by JKPSC. JKPSC KAS Psychology Previous papers for the last 5 years can be attained now.

The sample questions for the subject are given below-

Q1: While Collecting date for psychological research, sample is usually drawn from-

  1. Finite population with replacement
  2. Finite population without replacement
  3. Infinite population with replacement
  4. Infinite population without replacement

Q2: Which one of the following is correct sequence of steps involved in classical conditioning?

  1. US + CS, CS, US, CR
  2. CR, US + CS, US, CS
  3. US, US + CS, CS, CR
  4. CS, US, CR, US + CS

Same as these questions, the paper will have 120 questions all objective type. The multiple choice questions will be there in which the various concepts and topics are covered. The candidates need to prepare accordingly for the examination.  The papers will have the questions which you can study in the well way and study all the topics of the subject.

Practice the given papers to prepare yourself better for the examination. The candidates need to make this a point to study all small things also for examination as the paper is set to test out the knowledge of the individuals. Be focused to study for the exam paper and you can then score good marks in the exam paper.

Download JKPSC KAS Preliminary Psychology Papers PDF

JKPSC CCE Prelim Psychology Paper 1

JKPSC CCE Prelim Psychology Paper 2

JKPSC CCE Prelim Psychology Paper 3

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