JKPSC KAS Preliminary Physics Previous Question Papers Download PDF

JKPSC Combined Competitive Examination (Preliminary) Physics papers contain the questions relating to various topics of physics which are being studied. Prepare the syllabus as is designed JKPSC officials for Physics and try to score very good marks in the exam paper.

Ques 1: When a particle executing S.H.M. passes through mean position, it has-

  1. Max kinetic energy and min potential energy
  2. Min kinetic energy and max potential energy
  3. Max kinetic energy and max potential energy
  4. Min kinetic energy and min potential energy

Ques 2: Y- axis of quartz crystal is-

  1. Optic axis
  2. Mechanical Axis
  3. Electric axis
  4. Magnetic axis

Ques 3: For a gas at a particular temperature on average, which of the following qunatities is same for all molecules?

  1. Velocities
  2. Momentum
  3. Angular Momentum
  4. Kinetic Energy

Ques 4: the force experienced by wire of length 10 cm kept at an angle of 30 degrees to magnetic field of 0.5 T and carrying a current of 6 amperes is-

  1. 00548 N
  2. 0548 N
  3. 15 N
  4. 2 N

Ques 5: the eddy currents are produced in material when it is-

  1. Heated
  2. Placed in electric field
  3. Placed in time varying magnetic field
  4. Placed in uniform magnetic field

Ques 6: When boron is added as an impurity to silicon, the resulting material is-

  1. N type conductor
  2. N type semiconductor
  3. P type conductor
  4. P type semiconductor

The questions in the Physics paper will be based on the numerical part as well as theoretical part. The students need to prepare the syllabus accordingly. Both the questions which are mathematically solved and are based on concepts need to be practiced. Numerical part in any exam requires the practice and without it the question paper seems tougher.

JKPSC CCE Prelim Physics Paper 1

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JKPSC CCE Prelim Physics Question Paper 3

Download JKPSC CCE (Preliminary) Physics Previous Papers PDF

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