Jharkhand 12th Board Physics Sample Question Papers Download PDF

Jharkhand 12th Board Physics Sample Papers are given below which you can use to practice for the exam. For all sections, download the Physics model papers and solve them.

Q1: Any object is placed beyond 2F1, of any convex lens then what is the nature and size of image formed by it? Draw a ray diagram to show the formation of image

Q2: Give one use of the following-

  1. Infrared rays
  2. Gamma rays
  3. Microwaves
  4. X- ray

Q3: Identify the following electromagnetic radiations as per the frequencies given below. Write one application of each.

  1. 1020 HZ
  2. 1012 HZ
  3. 1011HZ

Q4: A positively charged body has

  1. Excess of electrons
  2. Deficit of Electrons
  3. Excess of Protons
  4. Deficit of Protons

Q5: When a p-n function diode is in forward bias then the thickness of depletion layer-

  1. Increases
  2. Decreases
  3. Remains unchanged
  4. None of these

Q6: What is A.C.? Find a formula for EMF induced in a coil rotating in a uniform magnetic field. Find the RMS value of emf induced, if peak value of emf is 110 volt.

Q7: The resistance of conductor doesnot depend upon-

  1. Length of conductor
  2. Thickness of conductor
  3. Nature of material of conductor
  4. Nature of surroundings

Check the answers of all questions from the sample papers given below. Download all the papers and you will get the better knowledge of all sections of Physics. JAC 12th Physics Sample Question Papers will surely help you for better preparations. For any problem you can write to us in comment section below.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper 5
Paper 6 Paper 7 Paper 8 Paper 9 Paper 10

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