Goa Board 10th/ SSC Mathematics Previous Question Papers PDF

Goa Board SSC Mathematics Previous papers are given below which can be used for your preparations for original board papers. Goa Board exam are conducted every year for Class 10 or SSC level for which the study material we have collated here on www.questionpaperz.in. Some sample questions are given below which are the reference to the original question paper which have been asked in last years of Goa board.

Q1: A man views the top of a tree at an angle of elevation of 45o. Then be walks 40 meters towards the tree and views the top of the tree at an angle of elevation of 70o. Draw a rough figure based on the above facts. Calculate the height of the tree. (Sin 70= .94, Cos 70 =.34, Tan 70 = 2.75)

Q2: A die is thrown once. What is the probability that the number appearing on top of the die is-

1) A perfect square?

2) A multiple of 3?

Q3: The distribution given below, shows the weights of 30 students of class-

Weight in Kg No. of Students
40-45 7
45-50 3
50-55 8
55-60 6
60-65 4
65-70 2

Prepare a cumulative frequency table of less than type. Then taking a suitable scale, draw the “Less than type ogive” on a graph paper provided.

For all the question papers, refer the table given below and you can start your practice. You can start solving the question papers and make yourself well prepared for exam. Stay connected with us to get all the updates on board papers.

Goa Board SSC Maths Sample Papers DOWNLOAD

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3
Paper 4 Paper 5

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