Goa Board 12th/ HSSC English Sample Question Papers PDF

Goa 12th Board English Sample papers which are given below can be used for exam preparations now and the students can start practicing them now. There are 4 sections in English paper which include Reading, Writing, Grammar and Literature. In Reading section the candidates are given comprehension passages based on which questions are given in exam. In writing section, the questions are asked from paragraph writing, story writing, article writing, letter writing, essay writing etc.  Some questions are given from different sections below which have been asked in exam previously.

Q1: Answer the following questions in about 10-15 words-

  1. In the lesson Shakespeare’s sister, why was Judith beaten by her father?
  2. According to Tagore, what function does nature impart on old Indian dramas?

Q2: Do you favour Selvi’s decision of returning to Vinayak Mudali Street after her mother’s death? Justify your answer with supporting points.

Q3: You are Madhukar/ Medha Navti of Flat-1, Eden Gardens Building, Ponda. You have got a job transfer and will be relocating. You wish to sell your self- driven car immediately. Draft an advertisement to be published in the classified columns of a local newspaper giving relevant information. Contact Ph. 2212423.Email:[email protected] (30-40 words)

Q4: Rewrite each of the following sentences according to the instructions given in brackets-

Yesterday the teacher ____ (remind) the students that he ____ (explain) that topic earlier.

  1. will remind, will explain
  2. reminded, had explained
  3. was reminding, will be explaining
  4. reminded, will have explained

For the full set of questions, refer to the PDF files given below and start your preparations for exam. For any kind of query, please write to us in comment section below and we will help you with best of answers. Also, refer to Goa Board papers from our website to make yourself well prepared for exam.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3

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