GATE CS Computer Science & Information Technology 2019 Syllabus PDF Download

GATE CS or Computer Science and Information technology Syllabus is being discusses below which includes the questions from-

Gate 2019 Syllabus For CSE PDF

Engineering Mathematics: The course is being taught during the B.Tech CSE or B.Tech IT degree. The topics are all the part of the B.Tech curriculum. The names of the chapters are-

  1. Mathematical Logic
  2. Probability
  3. Set theory & Algebra
  4. Combinatory
  5. Graph theory
  6. Linear Algebra
  7. Numerical Methods
  8. Calculus

The course from the computer science and Information technology field includes-

  1. Digital Logic
  2. Computer Architecture and Organization
  3. Programming and Data Structures
  4. Algorithms
  5. Theory of Computation
  6. Compiler Design
  7. Operating Systems
  8. Databases
  9. Informational Systems and Software Engineering
  10. Computer Networks
  11. Web technologies

The complete GATE CS syllabus can be checked from the PDF file which is being attached below. The candidates can download the file and start with the preparations for the GATE paper. The GATE CSE field paper is being given by many large candidates and so the competition for this stream is the most. The students of this field so need to be very strict for the preparations.

Checking the GATE CS Syllabus is the foremost step for the preparation of the examination. The students need to prepare very well for the examination so that they can be prepared well in the exam paper. The GATE paper is the important paper and so be determined to crack the exam.

GATE CSE/ IT Previous Papers Download PDF

The GATE paper has General aptitude questions with both numerical questions and verbal questions. The candidates can prepare well for this part which is all about the mathematical skills of the candidate. The skills to solve the questions come from practice of these questions.

GATE CS Syllabus PDF

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