GATE Agriculture Engineering AG Previous Year Question Papers Download

GATE Agricultural Engineering Previous Year Question Papers are given below in table format which will help you to prepare and practice before the real exam. The GATE paper is the most competitive paper for which the candidates start preparing much earlier. To beat the competition it is necessary to maintain the basics and concepts knowledge of each subject. Some sample questions for GATE AG previous papers are given answers of which are given below and also can be checked from the papers provided below.

GATE AG Syllabus

Q1: Which is incorrect?

  • The peak runoff from an agricultural watershed is generally less than that from an urban watershed of the same area
  • The horizontal hydraulic conductivity of soil is less than its vertical hydraulic conductivity
  • The magnitude of the 75-year flood is less than that of the 100-year flood
  • The rating curve due to unsteady flood event forms a loop

Ans: 2)

Q2: A ball mill of 1.8 m diameter is loaded with steel balls each having a diameter of 6 cm. The rational speed of the ball is kept at 75% of critical speed. The operational speed of ball mill in rpm is?

Ans: 23 to 25

Q3: The correct conditions for which the hydraulically efficient rectangular channel will deliver maximum discharge are-

P: Depth of water is equal to half the breadth of the channel

Q: Depth of water is equal to the breadth of the channel

R: Depth of water is equal to twice of the breadth of the channel

S: Hydraulic Radius is equal to half the depth of water

  1. P & R
  2. P & Q
  3. P & S
  4. R & S

All the questions are given below in the table format which will help you to practice some questions. Prepare the syllabus of the GATE AG paper well and refer to the best of books so that you have the correct knowledge of things. For any kind of query, you can always write us so that we can help you in any way possible.

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