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Decimal Fractions Questions & Answers

A fraction in which the denominator is ten or power of ten (for example 10, 100, 100 etc.) is called as decimal fractions. Decimal fractions are written with a decimal point. This will make it easier to perform the mathematical calculations such as addition and multiplication on fractions. In general, numbers whose base is 10 are considered as decimal numbers and their fractions is called as decimal fractions. Some examples which will make you learn about decimal fraction are-

  • 5/10 is a decimal fraction, and can be written as 0.7
  • 23/100 is a decimal fraction, and can be written as 0.23
  • 71/1000 is a decimal fraction, and can be expressed in decimal point as 0.071

Operations on Decimal Fractions

Addition and Subtraction – The given numbers are arranged under each other that the decimal points lie in one column. The numbers so arranged can now be added or subtracted in the normal way.

Multiplications by Power of 10 – To do this, move the decimal point to the right side by as many places as is the power of 10. For example, 5.9632 * 100 gives answer as 596.32 and 0.018 * 1000 gives answer as 180

Dividing a decimal fraction by a counting number – This is as similar as normal division. Divide the given number first without considering the decimal point. Now we obtain a quotient. Put the number of decimal points in the quotient to give as many places of decimals as there are in the dividend.

Decimal Fractions Questions With Tricks

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