CBSE 12th Class Mathematics Previous Year Question Papers Download

CBSE 12th Mathematics Previous Papers will help in better understanding of the exam paper of Maths. CBSE Mathematics board old papers of Class 12th will give better exam preparations so as to score the best in exam paper. CBSE papers are the ones which are all based on concepts of the subjects. So, it is important to study the syllabus of the papers in the organized way.

Some are the questions of Mathematics which have come in the CBSE exam. Practice the questions of these kind and others from syllabus to get flexible with all questions. Download CBSE Maths 12th Papers with solutions from below links.

Q1: A card from a pack of 52 playing cards is lost. From the remaining cards of the pack three cards are drawn at random without replacement and are found to be all spades. Find the probability of lost card being a spade.

Q2: Two schools P & Q want to award their selected students on values of Discipline, Politeness and Punctuality. The school P wants to award Rs.x vanish, Rs.y each and Rs.z each for three respective values to its 3, 2 and 1students with total award money of Rs.1000. School Q wants to spend Rs.1500 to award its 4, 1 and 3 students on respective values. If the total amount of awards for one prize on each value is Rs.600, using, matrices, find award money for each value.

Apart from above 3 values, suggest one more value for awards

Q3: A dealer in rural area wishes to purchase a number of sewing machines. He has only Rs.5760 to invest and has space for at most 20 items for storage. An electronic sewing machine cost him Rs.360 and a manually operated sewing machine Rs.240. He can sell an electronic sewing machine at profit of Rs.22 and a manually operated sewing machine at profit of Rs.18. Assuming that he can sell all the items that he can buy, how should be invest his money in order to maximize his profit? Make it as a LPP and solve it graphically.

Q4: In a certain college, 4% of boys and 1% of girls are taller than 1.75 meters. Furthermore, 60% of students in college are girls. A student is selected at random from college and is found to be taller than 1.75 meters. Find the probability that selected student is a girl.

Q5: Find the equation of plane passing through the point (-1, -1, 2) and perpendicular to each of following planes-

2x + 3y – 3 Z= 2 and 5x – 4y + Z= 6

CBSE 12th Board Mathematics Previous Papers DOWNLOAD

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