Prepare For AIPMT Exam- Paper Plan To Study|Strategy To Crack

AIPMT Preparation is the most important step for the applicant. So, for this there has to be certain steps which are to be followed. Below are the series as per which you can plan your preparations for the exam.

  1. Get clear with all syllabus details of AIPMT Exam LOOK
  2. Schedule a plan to study the topics- Physics, Chemistry & Biology
  3. Mark the topics which require more attention than others.
  4. Make another practice slots for these portions
  5. Make a habit to study the concepts first of each section.
  6. Then practice the questions (all possible) from that topic.

Not only these steps will prove fruitful, you can rearrange the steps of preparation. You can practice the sections which you find more difficult later after covering the known topics first. AIPMT Preparation Steps will help you to achieve the more than possible. Because, there are many applicants who lack in the way of preparation and so they miss out a large material which should be studied for exam.

AIPMT Best Books For Preparation LOOK

Self- study is the important part for the competitive paper and so don’t lose focus on it. Study for 30 minutes a day, but do devote time for self- study. This is because the topics covered by you in those 30 minutes will be remembered for larger time than the one which is being studied in coaching institute.

Be very positive for the exam preparations and think all things correct. This will provide you the inspiration for the exam. How to prepare for AIPMT? This question’s answer should be clear in the minds of the applicant. Practice the last year papers of AIPMT to get a better hand in solving the questions.

AIPMT Exam Last year Question Papers DOWNLOAD

AIPMT Sample/ Model Papers DOWNLOAD

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