Best Books for Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam 2019

Akash Institute initiated the ANTHE (Akash National Talent Hunt Examination), which provides scholarships to those students who gets success and crack the talent hunt exam. This exam is for both Medical & Engineering students. It is a unique exam for scholarships together with affordable and best coaching. There is no need to go in depth for current affairs. For Mathematics, candidates can also refer other books by RD Sharma and NCERT syllabus is sufficient and must for preparation as it is backbone of all subjects & topics. For better practice, candidates may consult other books too as suggested below.

Best Books for ANTHE 2019

*Foundation Courses Series of Arihant in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics (especially for Geometry)

*Book of Arihant for Mathematics, “Math IQ Challenge by MTG”

*ANTHE Mock Test Papers and candidates must study carefully Current Electricity & Ray Optics

*For Biology school textbooks are sufficient for preparation.

*For Mathematics preparations learn all the formulae and outcome of various theorems.

*For Mental Ability, the books which are helpful are Quicker Maths, Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey and any NTSE level reasoning book.

* The 28 yrs. Chapter wise solution of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

* Physics by HC Verma

*New Pattern Chemistry by R.K.Gupta

*Objective Biology by Dinesh

*Trueman’s Elementary Biology by Arihant (both vol.1 & 2)

*Common Entrance Test Master Guide by R.Gupta

*Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee

*Organic Chemistry by Robert Neilson Boyd

The best preparation tips for getting through ANTHE exam is

*Practice Sample Papers & New questions and MCQ’s

*Command & Mastery over NCERT books

*HC Verma Chapter wise solution

There are also more reference books for engineering and medical aspirants who want to crack talent hunt examination which are as follows:

For Engineering Aspirants:

*Interactive Physics (vol.1) by Sridhar

*Understanding Physics (Mechanics Part 1) by D.C. Pandey

*A Textbook of Algebra (both vol.1 & 2) by Dr. S.K. Goyal

*Understanding Physics (Electricity & Magnetism) by D.C. Pandey

For Medical Aspirants:

*Objective NCERT at your Fingertips for Biology by MTG

*ANTHE Sample Papers for better practice as it provides all relevant information related to exam preparation as we know very well practice makes perfect.

* Write & Practice More

*Make a time table which is very crucial for preparation of exam.

*Cover the syllabus sincerely & efficiently.

*Extra time must be given to weak topics

*On daily basis set realistic goals.

All these tips for preparation of ANTHE exam, if followed sincerely and efficiently by the candidates, surely they will achieve success with flying colors as it makes their foundation strong. Without any doubt, ANTHE is a first step towards a successful journey and surely it’s a right step at right time. Due to lack of funds or finance, it’s a great opportunity for those candidates who are very much talented but away from success door due to lack of funds. Best of Luck.

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