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Xavier’s Aptitude Test XAT is one of the important examinations which is being given by many candidates every year. XAT Sample Papers are provided so as to practice the questions that come in XAT exam every year. Download XAT Model Papers and you will have idea on what type of questions come in exam paper. Below are the questions of XAT exam which have been part once. If you need our help then you can just put a comment in the section given below, we will try to look forward to your problem and find the solution as soon as possible.

Question1. Last year Mr. Abhi bought two scooters. This year he sold both of them for Rs.30, 000 each. On one, he earned 20% profit, and on the other he made a 20% loss. What was his net profit or loss?

  1. He gained less than Rs.2000
  2. He gained more than Rs.2000
  3. He lost more than Rs.2000
  4. He lost less than Rs.2000

Question2. How many numbers between 1 to 1000 (both excluded) are both squares and cubes?

  1. None
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3

Question3. The horizontal distance of a kite from the boy flying it is 30 m and 50 m of cord is out from the roll. If the wind moves the kite horizontally at the rate of 5 km per hour directly away from the boy, how fast is the cord being released?

  1. 3 km per hour
  2. 4 km per hour
  3. 5 km per hour
  4. 6 km per hour

Question4. Which of the following choices MOST accurately captures the meaning of edifice as used in the sentence below? The edifice of ‘public space’, built up through literacy or informative institutions of popular education and on which the pillars of democracy were mounted, is now crumbling.

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Building
  3. Paraphernalia
  4. None of the above

Question5. Which sentence suffers most from hyperbole?

  1. Most collectors of coins would give the Earth to own one of the copper coins issued by Mohammad Bin Tughlaq.
  2. It is thought that eating raw tomatoes would greatly reduce the risk of cancer, but tomato sauce can have a greater effect since it is made from many raw tomatoes.
  3. Cricket has a great following in India, but the twenty-twenty format took the game to nook and corner of the world.
  4. We face an imminent drinking water crisis in India as the population growth is accompanied by a general decrease in rainfall.
  5. Nuclear fusion has potential to solve the energy crisis of not only our country, but that of the entire world.

Download whole set of XAT Sample papers and practice them for better scores in the exam. Being a competitive paper, Sample papers of XAT will help you achieve good marks in exam.

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