Syllabus For UPTU Entrance Exam 2019- 1st Year Admission|Lateral Entry

Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) State Entrance Exam for 1st year in B.Tech/ B.Arch/ B.Pharm/ BHMCT/ BFAD/ BFA and 2nd year in B.Tech and B.Pharm (Lateral Entry) is being conducted for all the eligible candidates. UPSEE UPTU Syllabus 2019 is being described below as per which the candidates can prepare well for the exam. Syllabus for UPTU Entrance exam 2019 will help to make a schedule to study well for the exam.

UPTU Entrance Exam Syllabus details-

Paper 1 will include the questions from topics of Physics, Chemistry and mathematics. The details of each are given below-

  • Physics: Measurement, Laws of Motion, Work, power & energy, Linear momentum, rotation of rigid body about fixed axis, gravitation, oscillatory motion, mechanics of solids & fluids, heat, thermodynamics, waves, electrostatics, current electricity, magnetic effects of current, electromagnetic induction, optics (ray & wave), modern physics
  • Chemistry: Atomic structure, chemical bonding, redox reactions, chemical equilibrium, kinetics, acid bases, electrochemistry, catalysis, colloids, colligative properties of solution, periodic table, thermochemistry, organic chemistry, isomerism, polymers, carbohydrates, solid state, petroleum
  • Mathematics: Algebra, Probability, Trigonometry, Coordinate chemistry, calculus, vectors, dynamics, statics

Paper 2 will include the questions from Physics, Chemistry & Biology: Physics & Chemistry are the same as written above.

  • Biology: Origin of Life, Organic evolution, mechanism of organic evolution, human genetics & eugenics, applied biology, mammalian anatomy, animal physiology, study of protozoa, amoeba, plasmodium, comparison between various insects & lifestyle, Botany which includes plant cell, protoplasm, ecology, ecosystem, genetics, seeds in angiospermic plants, fruits, phylums, soil, photosynthesis

Paper 3 will include the questions from AG- I, AG- II & AG- III

  • AG- I (Agricultural Physics & Chemistry)- Agricultural Physics (This includes all the topics of Physics which are the basis of the exam), Agricultural Chemistry (This will include the questions from various sections of Chemistry including Physical, Chemical reactions, Organic Chemistry, inorganic Chemistry)
  • AG- II (Agricultural Engineering & Statistics)
  • AG- III (Agronomy & Agricultural Botany)- Agronomy (Crops, Soils, Manures, Irrigation),A gricultural Botany (Includes all the basic topics)

Paper 4 is meant for Architecture field students which is a pure Aptitude test. This will include the questions from-


  • Mathematics: Algebra, probability, trigonometry, Coordinate geometry, calculus, vectors, dynamics, statics
  • Aesthetic Sensitivity: Visualize 3D objects, different sides, analytical reasoning, mental ability


  • Drawing Aptitude: Ability to sketch, visualize effects, visual harmony creation

Paper 5 includes the Aptitude test for general awareness which is meant for BHMCT/ BFAD/ BFA

  • Reasoning & logical Deduction, numerical ability & Scientific aptitude, general knowledge, english language

Paper 6 includes the Aptitude Test for diploma holders in Engineering (Engineering mechanics, engineering graphics, basic electrical engineering, electronics engineering)

Paper 7 will be Aptitude Test for Pharmacy Diploma holders. This paper includes the questions from pharmaceutical field.

Paper 8 is an aptitude test for B.Sc. Graduate in engineering. All basic mathematics questions are asked in this section.

Study in detail for the exam which is meant for the course you have applied for. For more details on UPTU Syllabus DOWNLOAD file.

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