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Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) Physics Sample Question Papers are the source to study well for the exam. UPTU Entrance Exam Physics Sample Papers for contain the questions which have been the part of the exam and can be so as per the syllabus of the paper. Sample Papers|Model Test Papers for UPTU B.Tech Physics exam can help to sustain better knowledge for the exam. Following are some questions which can be practiced for the exam-

Question1. A coin placed on rotating turntable just slips if it is placed at a distance of 4 cm from the center. If the angular velocity of the turntable is doubled, it will just slip at a distance of

(A) 1 cm

(B) 2 cm

(C) 4 cm

(D) 8 cm

Question2. A body at rest breaks into two pieces of equal masses. The parts will move

(A) In same direction

(B) Along different lines

(C) In opposite directions with equal speeds

(D) in opposite directions with unequal speeds

Question3. An ideal gas is allowed to expand freely against vacuum in a rigid insulated container. The gas undergoes

(A) Increase in its internal energy

(B) Decrease in temperature

(C) Decrease in its internal energy

(D) Neither increase nor decrease in temperature or internal energy

Question4. Two sources of light are coherent if the waves produced by them have

(A) Same wavelength

(B) Same amplitude

(C) Same wavelength and constant phase difference

(D) Same amplitude and same wavelength

Question5. P-N junction is formed when p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductors are

(A) Joined physically so that electrons and holes diffuse to give depletion layer

(B) Joined chemically to get homogeneous material

(C) Simply joined physically

(D) Joined together electrically

Question6. The mass of a body is ‘m’ and its initial velocity is ‘v’. It collides headon with another body which is stationary and whose mass is ‘M’. If, after collision, the body of mass ‘m’ becomes stationary and the body of mass M (which was stationary) takes the velocity of first body, then

(A) m = M

(B) m = M/2

(C) m <<M

(D) m>>M

Question7. For a ring, disc, solid sphere and spherical shell of same mass and same radius, in which case the moment of inertia about the axis passing through the centre will be maximum ?

(A) Disc

(B) Ring

(C) Spherical shell

(D) Sphere

Question8. When a spring is stretched through a distance‘s’, its potential energy is 10 joule. The work (in joule) required to stretch it further trough’s’ will be

(A) 40

(B) 30

(C) 20

(D) 10

Download UPTU Sample Papers for Btech Entrance exam from below and have better preparation for the exam.

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