UPSEE Chemistry UPTU B.Tech Entrance Sample Papers Download

UPSEE Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) Chemistry Sample Question Papers for the exam preparation are provided here for all the applicants. UPTU Chemistry Model Test Papers are provided below which will contain the questions from the syllabus as is defined for the exam. Chemistry Papers will contain the questions from the defined sections of exam.

Solve the sample questions for Btech entrance exam given below and then attain the full set of papers-

Question1.  Which of the following statement is false for tranis-1, 2-dichloro ethane

(1) Chlorine atoms are nearer to each other

(2) Total no. of bonds is six

(3) Free rotation of C=C is possible

(4) None of these

Question2. The true statement for 2-chlrobutane and 3- chlrobutane is

(1) First is more reactive than second

(2) Second is more reactive than first

(3) Chlorine atom in both is of different type

(4) One name is wrong, both are same

Question3. In comparison of Cu and Ag :

(1) Cu is easily oxidized in comparison with Ag.

(2) Ag is easily oxidized in comparison with Cu

(3) Both oxidizes simultaneously

(4) Do not oxidizes

Question4. There are unpaired electrons in nitrogen according to

(1) Hund’s rule

(2) Aufabu’s principal

(3) Paulis principal

(4) none of these

Question5. The colour of the solution of alkali metal in liquid ammonia appears to blue due to :

(1) Ammonical metal ion and electron

(2) Ammonical electron

(3) Ammonical metal ion

(4) Metal ion

Question6. Nitration of the benzene is a reaction of :

(1) Nucleophillic substitution

(2) Nucleophillic addition

(3) Electrophillic substitution

(4) Electrophillic addition

Question7. At reversible equilibrium

(1) The concentration of matter are equal

(2) The forward and backward rates are equal

(3) The backward rate will be higher

(4) The forward rate will be higher

Question8. The degree of ionisation of an electrolyte depends upon :

(1) Size of solvent molecules

(2) Nature of solvent molecules

(3) Ionisation potential of solvent molecules

(4) Shape of solvent molecules

Question9. O-Nitrophenol is more volatile than p-Nitrophenol due to

(1) Electrometric effect

(2) Inductive effect

(3) Intermolecular hydrogen bonding in p-nitrophenol

(4) Intermolecular hydrogen bonding in p- nitrophenol

Question10. “No two electrons in an atom can have the same set of quantum numbers.” This principle is known by which one of the following?

(1) Zeeman’s exclusion principle

(2) Pauli’s exclusion principle

(3) Stark’s exclusion principle

(4) Herbach’s exclusion principle

Download Chemistry Model Papers for UPTU Entrance Exam-

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